The Secret is Out

E-Bikes R Us is a Western Australian owned and operated company.  Mandurah Electric Bikes are displayed and available for test rides at Mandurah Indoor Sports Stadium. All E –Bikes are assembled, tested, charged and ready for the ride of your life. Bike hire is also available, – We Deliver & Pick Up from your place of stay in Mandurah – hassle Free service to find out more visit

Our bikes are competively priced with a full warranty and back up service from e-bikes r us, how could you go wrong?

To purchase or test ride one of our range of E-Bikes phone Shane on 0419 945 639. We can deliver bikes from Perth to Bunbury .

Hills – No Worries, Wind- No Problem, Exercise – It’s up to you!

E-Bikes R Us

There is one thing that sets us apart from competitors, it is that we have been established for years, we know what consumers are looking for, they want the best at affordable prices. They want reliability and backup hands on service. We guarantee our products. We have a great range of accessories to compliment our bikes. Our reputation is outstanding and we are getting known for our knowledge of electric bikes.

We understand that not all electric bikes are the same. That’s why we are constantly researching the latest worldwide trends and take great pride in the premium quality of bikes that we sell. You can rest assured that when you buy an electric or folding bike from us, you’re taking home one of the very best products on the market. We have a selection of new products arriving with components that set our bikes apart. One word to describe our new models is “sensational”.

At E-Bikes R Us…The Secret’s Out!!!!

We tailor each bike to meet your exact requirements
We offer a comprehensive range of accessories
We guarantee our bikes
We offer full after-sales service, and
We offer all of our bike owners great membership discounts.